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2020 Convention: Blog from Templemore
2020 Convention: Blog from Templemore

P.P.U.I. - 22/02/2020 - Updates throughout day

2020 Convention Booklet 1.25pm  Recommendations discussed, Convention now concluded. Thanks to everyone who attended and a safe journey home to all. We will have more today on our website in the coming week. Slan Go Foill!  1.05pm Motion 12 defeated, onto Recommendations now.  1pm  Motion 11 carried.  Motion 10 defeated.  Convention will continue through now without any break.  12.55pm  Motion 9 Carried Motion 8 Carried 12.50pm  Motion 7 Carried  Motion 6 Carried 12.45pm  Motion 5 Carried.  12.40pm  Motion 4 Withdrawn  Motion 3 defeated.  12.
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