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County/Regional Board Strokeplay Results

County/Regional Board Strokeplay Results

P.P.U.I. - 10/06/2018 - Results from around the country this weekend

Carlow/Kilkenny/Wexford: (St Patricks) - Senior Gents: 1st D Grannell (St Patricks) 91, 2nd P Tobin (St Patricks) 92, 3rd J Hudson (St Patricks) 95 Inter Gents: D McNally (Bagenalstown) 102 (After 3 Hole P/O), 2nd J Tyrell (St Patricks) 102, Junior Gents R Middleton (Gowran), 2nd G Doyle (St Patricks)

Cork: (ESB) - Senior Gents: 1st B Delaney (Bishopstown) 135, 2nd R Murphy (St Annes) 136, 3rd C Morrison (Douglas) 140, Intermediate Gents: 1st A Forsythe (Bishopstown) 147, 2nd JJ Quirke (Fermoy) 151, Gavin Dawson (Fermoy) 152, Junior Gents: 1st D Seymour (Fermoy) 154, 2nd R Hurley (Rocklodge) 158, 3rd D Field (Raffeen Creek) 162

Dublin: (Ierne) - Senior Gents: 1st JR Crangle (Loughlinstown) 143, 2nd J Smith (RGSC) 145, 3rd G Healy (Loughlinstown) 146, Inter Gents: 1st G Walsh (CPM) 96, 2nd D Horan (Glenville) 106, 3rd T Brady (Portmarnock) Junior Gents: 1st S Needham (Lucan) 112, 2nd D Roy (Erins Isle) 116, 3rd C O Droighneain (Glenville), Senior Ladies: 1st G Ward (Portmarnock) 106, 2nd G Hoey (RGSC) 109, Inter Ladies: 1st B Purcell (Lucan) 117, 2nd B Furlong (Lucan) 118, Junior Ladies: 1st O Comerford (Ierne) 123, 2nd C Mulvey (Glenville) 125

Kerry: (Listowel) - Senior Gents: 1st D McCarron (Listowel) 87, 2nd J Dignan (Castleisland) 89, Intermediate Gents: 1st R Bunyan (Listowel) 99 (10th P/O Hole), 2nd E Sheehy (Tralee) 99, Junior Gents: 1st F Keane (Listowel) 108 2nd T Keane (Listowel) 108 (Ret)

Kildare: (Ryston) – Senior Gents: I Dillon (St Bridgets) 138 (17th P/O Hole), 2nd C Dunne (Athgarvan) 138, Inter Gents: 1st L Sherry (St Bridgets) 157 (10th P/O Hole), 2nd J Kennedy (Ryston) 157, Junior Gents: 1st S Brady (Poulaphouca) 170, 2nd P Cairn Duff (Ryston) 172, Senior Ladies: 1st C Byrne (Ryston) 93, 2nd T Dillon (Ryston) 104, Inter Ladies: M Donnelly (Ryston) 109, 2nd R Kelly (Ryston) 119, Junior Ladies: 1st N Tierney (Prosperous) 127, 2nd M McCormack (Prosperous) 128

Limerick: (Bruff) – Senior Gents: 1st P Farrell (Bruff) 133, 2nd L O’Donovan (Bruff) 135, Inter Gents – 1st M Darcy (Bruff) 95, 2nd J Farrell (Bruff) 96, 2nd J Farrell (Bruff), Junior Gents: 1st B Mason (Parteen) 101, 2nd G Heelan (Bruff) 104

Louth/Down/Monaghan: (Seapoint) Senior Gents 1st S Goggin (McBride) 91 2nd I Donnelly (Cement) 95, Inter Gents 1st M Vaughan (Inniskeen) 101, 2nd G Martin (Cement) 102, Junior Gents R McEvoy (Seapoint) 116, 2nd M McArdle (Inniskeen) 118 Ladies Nett: 1st A Donnelly (McBride) 103, 2nd N Bedford (Seapoint) 107

Meath: (Trim) – Senior Gents 1st E Gibney (Castletown) 94, 2nd D Campbell (Trim) 96, Inter Gents 1st K Carolan (Rathfeigh) 97, 2nd A Winters (Trim) 101, Junior Gents 1st S Behan (Laytown) 106, 2nd R Murtagh (Navan) 113, Ladies 0-10: B Cummins (Trim) 110, 2nd A Owens (Trim) 112, Ladies 11-18 1st T Fagan (Royal Meath) 120, 2nd N Myles (Castletown) 122

Offaly: (Erry) - Senior Gents 1st W Buckley Jnr (Erry) 141, 2nd E Fleming (Erry) 143, Inter Gents 1st L O’Meara (Erry) 146, 2nd J Fleming (Tullamore) 151 Junior Gents 1st M Kenny (Ferbane) 162, 2nd PJ Murphy (Tullamore) 163 Ladies 0-7 1st M Hogan (Tullamore) 104, 2nd D Pyke (Tullamore) 116, Ladies 8-18 1st G Ryan (Ferbane) 115 (B18), 2nd C McCarthy (Tullamore) 115

Tipperary: (Tipp Hills) - Senior Gents 1st J Fitzgerald (Hillview) 89, 2nd J Cleary (Hillview) 90, Inter Gents 1st P Malone (Tipp Hills) 93, 2nd M Kirby (Larkspur Park) 94, Junior Gents 1st S O’Neill (Larkspur Park) 103, 2nd C Compton (Tipp Hills), Senior Ladies B White (Tipp Hills) 108, Inter Ladies M Forde (Riverdale) 111, Junior Ladies M Courtney (Riverdale) 117

Westmeath: (Rochfortbridge) - Senior Gents 1st P Malone (Custume) 2nd J Browne (Collinstown), 3rd L Buckley (Collinstown), Inter Gents 1st D Hogan (Lough Owel), 2nd M Kelly (Rochfortbridge), 3rd W Prendergast (Custume), Junior Gents 1st J Gill (Rochfortbridge), 2nd M White (Rochfortbridge), 3rd R Masterson (Collinstown), Ladies A Revins (Kilbeggan)

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